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EcoCarRent provides an opportunity for its customers to use the eco-car rental service, the use of which will be as comfortable and safe as possible, and most importantly, it will not do harm to the environment. The fact is that the state of the environment has deteriorated significantly in recent years due to the abundant amount of exhaust gases in the atmosphere. This can lead to fatal consequences.

To avoid this, many large cities switch to electric transport. Today, Berlin and Milan can be an example, where a rapid transition of electromobiles is noted, which positively affects the environment.

«Ecocarrent» – is the company which provides the opportunity to rent electric vehicles in Ukraine.

During the life each person can meet the situation when he has just needed to use personal car. For example:

  • You are in another city, and you need a car for quick movement;
  • You have important meeting, the outcome of which is influenced by your image;
  • It is necessary to meet important partner at the airport, near the station;
  • Your car is in the service station, and you usually used to drive on your own car;
  • Or you have wanted to know how much an electric car suits you.

This isn’t a general list of possible situations, anyway, we can help you to solve the problem and we will provide you with a personal car for trips within Kharkov.

The main idea of our company is to give its customers the opportunity to move around the city freely, feel freedom and ease in the way of caring for the environment.

Working principles of “Ecocarrent”

“Ecocarrent” corresponds to the European standards of customer service, providing the opportunity to rent comfortable cars for all customers.

The company works every day to improve provided services, so that is the way how the service meets the highest standards and satisfies your requests to a maximum. Responsible attitude to work, individual approach to clients, knowledge of business and experience are precisely those factors that help the company to develop and attract customers.

Why “Ecocarrent”?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose our company for car rental, namely:

  • Quick drawing up the contract;
  • Professional consultation and individual approach to every client;
  • Quick registration of documents, the possibility for registration of documents through the Internet;
  • The availability to rent comfortable cars Nissan Leaf;
  • Continuous improvement of the company’s structure and services;
  • And the most important is the opportunity to use an electric car.

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