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Rent a car in Ukraine from EcoCarRent

Ukraine is a beautiful country, ready to welcome tourists from Europe and the near abroad at any time. Each city is beautiful in its own way, rich in sights and architectural monuments, which are worth a look.

Rent a car in Ukraine is one of the services of our company EcoCarRent, which allows customers to choose from a range of vehicles for comfortable movement.

Car rental – historical information

Not so long ago, the service of car rental in Ukraine became available, which is a delivery of a vehicle for a certain period without a driver. You can rent a car which you like for several hours, days, months and even years. It’s interesting to know that 1916 was a landmark for the first lease of the car.

At that time, American Joe Saunders was the owner of an automobile workshop and gave his Ford T a lease. Previously, he set the mileage counter to the left front wheel, which allowed calculating the cost of the service.

The opportunity to rent a car was pleasant to the people of Nebraska, and Joe felt an interest in the new business and began to develop business. At that time, the price per mile was 10 cents, but the company was led to bankruptcy by the Great Depression.

More successful is the story of Walter Jacobs, his company Hertz is still successful and holds a leading position among auto rental companies from all around the world.

Our company EcoCarRent enjoys no less success; we offer to rent a car on favourable terms for the client.

What are the advantages of car rental

Lack of official or personal car often becomes a problem in solving a number of issues. If you need to meet a business partner at the airport, take your family on vacation, go on a trip, then renting cars in Ukraine from EcoCarRent is the ideal solution. The main advantages of this service are:

Having analyzed all the advantages and calculating the cost of the service, renting a car in Ukraine will seem to you profitable, taking away the amount of compulsory expenses for the annual maintenance of the vehicle. This service is also beneficial for those who use the car occasionally. Such a service as booking a car in Ukraine for our customers is free; the lessee pays only the cost of the service.

If the client feels psychological fear and responsibility for the car, then in the event of a deal with us, he or she can be quiet, because in case of unforeseen situations, the insurance policy will cover all expenses.

How to make a deal and rent a car

All our cars are rented in Ukraine in a working and clean conditions, which we demand from the customer at the time of return. The main principle of our work is mutual respect between employees and customers.

Adhering to the terms of the contract, the two sides will always be satisfied with each other. We guarantee the quality of services provided, comfortable cars and loyal contract terms.

Each application for renting a car is considered by our employees individually. We are looking for an approach to each client, offering him something that will satisfy his need. A car for hire in Ukraine can be issued in a short time.

Before entering into a cooperation agreement, it is worth assessing your personal needs, choosing the brand and class of the vehicle, agreeing with the manager of the company of the region where the car will go and so on.