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A passenger car has long ceased to be a luxury, today they are equally ruled by men and women. One of the new services in the automotive industry is renting an electric car in Kiev and other major cities. Among the range of leased cars, electric cars are very popular.

What is it a smart car

An electric car is considered an alternative to an internal combustion engine, has a number of advantages for which it was loved by the auto fans. The first creator of a mini car, powered by a battery, is a Swiss watch company. Thanks to the Swatch brand, the whole world has learned about this unique transport. A modern customer has the opportunity to rent an electric car in Kiev with us at EcoCarRent.

In every major city or a small village it is difficult to imagine a quick and comfortable movement without a car. Practically all transport works with the engine of fast combustion, and smart it starts and works with the battery.

To take an electric car for rent in Kiev is profitable, reliable and quickly possible in our company. This service will be beneficial from all sides, so you can test the car on the road, solve your problems with the help of compact and convenient transport, and also use the car for business purposes.

Why it is advantageous to rent a car

If you use the car in rare cases, you can use the rent of electric vehicles in Kiev. In order not to buy cars and not to spend finances on compulsory expenses for maintenance and diagnostics, renting on time is a good option.

Driver can rent a car for a few days, months and even years. Making a transaction, the client does not care about:

Renting electric cars in Kiev guarantees the customer peace of mind in the event of an accident and unforeseen situations. Completely all expenses in such cases are borne by the insurance company. We offer our clients favourable conditions; we arrange rent for short and long terms. Electric car for a while will be a good helper if you need to meet a friend or partner at the airport, go to rest at the cottage or go on a mini trip to your native country.

Our range of cars is rich in various models and classes; thanks to this we will choose the ideal option for each customer.