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Rent a Nissan Leaf in Kiev from 30 $ per day

Tariffs for Nissan Leaf

1-3 days40 $

4-7 days36 $

8-20 days32 $

More than 20 days30 $

Pladge300 $

Charging cost for a 10 kWfree*

Charging cost for a 20 kW3.05 - 3.75 UAH/min

Charging cost for a 40 kW3.34 - 4.04 UAH/min

*except private stations marked CS

Options and Services


Wi-Fi routerfree

Baby chairfree

Delivery/Selection of cars at address100 UAH

Delivery/Selection of cars at Borispol/Zhulyany200 UAH

Delivery/Selection of cars
at Borispol/Zhulyany200 UAH

Delivery/Return a car after work time200 UAH

Support service Assistancefree

Car wash (in case of return in dirty condition)200 UAH

Car wash
(in case of return in dirty condition)200 UAH




Body5-door hatchback

EngineElectric motor for 80 kW

TransmissionFront wheel drive

Max speed140 km/h

Power reserve160 km

Rent a Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) in Kiev – EcoCarRent

Do you want to rent a Nissan Leaf in Kiev and do not know how to do it? Do not worry. Specialists of the company “EcoCarRent” are ready to help you to rent a car for the required time at an affordable cost.

Rent a Nissan Leaf in Kiev today is a very convenient and popular service that will not force you to walk on long streets of the capital or be in a minibus where there are no seats. To get to the desired place with the help of our organization is now possible simply and quickly. For this, the customer needs:

After receiving the application within a few hours the manager of the company will contact you and help you to book the transport. This service is free of charge. The client of the organization can take the Nissan Leaf for rent in Kiev and without a timely turn, but simply by visiting our company.

What are the advantages of EcoCarRent?

Taking Nissan Leaf in Kiev, the client receives a lot of positive aspects. The pluses are:

In the trunk of an electric vehicle is placed within 330 litres. This is enough to arrange, if necessary, suitcases and other objects. The cabin of the car is designed for 5 people. Allowed drivers who have a driving experience of 2 years or 1, but with confirmation of frequent movement on any four-wheeled vehicles.

Take Nissan Leaf for rent in Kiev without collateral can now be quickly and easily. Whatever you are, a resident of the city, a visitor who was sent on a business trip or an ordinary traveller, we can always help you to drive around the city on your car.

You can rent an electric car for several hours and for the required number of days. Many organizations hand over vehicles of this type with deposit.

In our company there is no such thing. If you have more than 1 year of driving experience, you are 23 years old, then you can use our car for the required period.

More detailed information on the provision of all services and working conditions of the company "EcoCarRent" can be found on the personal page posted on the Internet.

There you can find a phone number for communication with the manager, who will be able to answer all your questions and help to find a way out of any situation. We are waiting for your requests and calls!