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Rent Tesla Model S in Kiev from 160 $ per day

Tariffs for Tesla Model S

1-3 days170 $

4-7 days150 $

8-20 days140 $

More than 20 days120 $

Pledge1500 $

Charging cost for a 10 kWfree*

Charging cost for a 20 kW3.05 - 3.75 UAH/min

Charging cost for a 40 kW3.34 - 4.04 UAH/min

*except private stations marked CS

Options and services


Wi-Fi routerfree

Baby chairfree

Delivery/Selection of cars at address100 UAH

Delivery/Selection of cars at Borispol/Zhulyany200 UAH

Delivery/Selection of cars
at Borispol/Zhulyany200 UAH

Delivery/Return a car after work time200 UAH

Support service Assistancefree

Car wash (in case of return in dirty condition)200 UAH

Car wash
(in case of return in dirty condition)200 UAH



ModelModel S

Body5-door sedan

EngineElectric motor for 266 kW

TransmissionRear wheel drive

Max speed225 km/h

Power reserve426 km

Rental of Tesla Model S in Kiev – EcoCarRent

It is not the first year Kiev continues to surprise its guests with interesting and original novelties of the season.
This can be safely attributed to the rent of Tesla Model S in Kiev.

Everyone can ride the amazing places of the capital of Ukraine on their personal temporary car, taking Tesla Model S for rent in Kiev.
For this, there is no need to ask the driver to wait a couple more minutes while you photograph your family members near a remarkable memorable place.

With the help of the service “Tesla Model S Rent in Kiev”, for an affordable price, you automatically become the master for yourself.

What is the Tesla Model S and what is its advantage?

Tesla Model S is an electric car presented by Tesla. This model refers to an electric car of a business class. It is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies.

On an electric vehicle of this type, you can drive an average of 502 kilometers without recharging. At full discharge of the device the car will restore its energy within 12 hours. Time depends on the amount of energy spent and the internal equipment used.

The cost indicated on the site is not considered final. Since everything will depend on the time used by the client for renting the Tesla Model S in Kiev. On the personal website of our organization at any time convenient for you, you can familiarize yourself with the available assortment.

"Tesla" is one of the most expensive models. Its comfortability speaks for itself. This rear-wheel-drive car device is classed abroad to class E, and equipment to level F.

Among all existing electric cars at the moment, a model of this type is considered a champion in the distance of run.
The minimum distance that the Model S passes is approximately 300 km, and the maximum distance – up to 610.

Renting any electric car in the organization “EcoCarRent”, you can be calm for the possibility of repair works. Representatives and masters of the company daily check the car for breakage. Service and cleaning is included in the price indicated in the price-list.

Having received the Tesla Model S for rent in Kiev, you can put in the car from 1 to 7 people. Each passenger will feel comfortable. For additional information, the client can contact the company manager on the data provided on the personal website or by leaving an application.

After you have left an application
on the order page of electric vehicles, within a few hours
the consultant will contact you and help in solving
all the problems that have arisen.